Project Description
Annoying Manager is a tool to constantly keep track of what you're doing at work. It asks you what's your current task at every 30 minutes, so when the real annoying manager requests you a list of your work, you already have it. It's developed in C# 4.0.

As its name says, this tool calls users attention after a period of time. When this happens, users must to fill information about which task they're doing right now, or Annoying Manager won't stop to "bothering" them. That's the idea.

This is for lazy people, like me, who don't keep track of their activities.

Its develop using C# 4.0 and good-old Windows Forms, but it's for the initial version. Upcoming releases may be implemented using WPF. Another improvement that is on our mind is to make it get task details from sources like TFS work items queries.

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