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When Annoying Manager starts, and the first thing it does is ask you what you are doing right now. The red-pink-blinking square in systray shows a window where you can put this information.

Annoying Manager asks you what you're doing

You can inform it by filling the fields on the left side of the window. There are three of them:
  • Category - Let's say you're working on two projects: P1 and P2. You can use the Category field to separate your tasks between them.
  • Reference ID - Use this to link the activity you're putting into Annoying Manager to an item from another management application. If you're a developer using Microsoft TSF, you can put here the number of the work item you're working now; if you work with Microsoft Project, put the task id here; and so on.
  • Description - This is where you put details about your current task.

All fields are optional, but you should consider filling them all. The more information you give, easier will be to present a detailed task report to your real annoying manager.

If you click on the close button of the form (the "X" button), Annoying Manager will show it again. You won't have another option: you have to tell something to it!

After doing this, the systray icon turns green, and Annoying Manager stops bothering you. As the time passes, this icon gradually becomes orange, indicating that soon it will ask you a new task again.

Do you job, I won't bother you for a while

When the period of time is about to end, the systray icon quickly becomes vanilla color.

I'm comming for you!

Time is over, and you have to tell Annoying Manager again what is your current task. However, you have the option to pick up a previous task from the list on the right side of the window. This will help you to not spend too much time writing the same thing.

Please give me your new task!

The default time for each period is 30 minutes. And Annoying Manager will only ask you between 08:00 and 18:00 (06:00 PM). However, you can change these values. See how at the Configuration page.

You can also double-click the icon in system tray to bring the task form up.

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